lesson learned

A while back after seeing evil over take my family in the forms of loss, depression and anxiety. I decided to take my life back, to rid my house of evil. Now without getting to hocus pocus, let’s just start with God can do all things, so at 11:11 one night it dawned on me. I need to ask it to leave. It is not welcome here, this is the house that the Lord dwells in and no evil will dwell here. So…. I prayed for evil to leave for it was not welcome. Did this magically fix everything …. nope. But the next morning, on my back step was a baby black snake. I saw him and he was gone. Now do I believe in coincidences… nope. I do believe he knew he was not welcome and evil had left. I still needed to rebuild the foundation but the perpetrator was gone!

Today after many of encounters with evil throughout the last months and still trying to get back on track, he was back. See he was bigger and smarter and on my back step trying to enter my crawl space. I did not take care of evil, I allowed it to grow stronger, bigger and come back to enter my house. Lesson learned, do not allow it to grow it will come back ready to do more damage than before! God sees it’s power, it is relentless and will grow to try to overtake you. God is always more powerful  but you have to do your part and not let evil grow within or around you for it will always try to enter your house!

This goes for many things, for example fear/worry.  A small fear can fleetingly come in and out of your head but left to dwell there it becomes bigger and bigger until you are irrational about it. It overpowers your thoughts until it destroys your reality. If we take our fears and worries and deal with them while they are small, they do not have the opportunity to grow and control our lives. While easier said than done, I am still trying to break fears and worry down in to smaller manageable thoughts. It takes training, friends for support, the ability to give it up and trust, with lot of lessons learned.



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