Back to school

I remember when I held  my first born and I  thought “I am going to hold on to every minute. I will blink and she will be grown.” Honestly, it happened just like that.

As young adults are going back to school and I am watching my own go as well. I can’t help but think I have failed. Did I savor every moment? Did I get off my phone when I should? Did I listen well? Did I rejoice enough? Did I trust enough? Did I let them make their own mistakes? Well… probably not.

See there isn’t some magical book that tells you how to be a parent and do everything right. Well, I might be able to write the book how to do everything wrong but that’s another blog! The truth is I have failed… miserably but I’m not sure how to correct. It’s like sailing in a storm and over correcting your course the only thing you can do is pray. While God and I have not seen eye to eye on several occasions and his sense of humor sometimes infuriates me(though I love a challenge) He gently reminds me at 11:11 every night to overcome my shortcomings. To lay it down, to give it up. Things that are very hard for me. Thus, I feel like I must take this opportunity now to prepare  to let go of my failures, and to pray for the future.

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